Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

We're back in the Philippines. Whew! After a whirlwind two days of packing Raine's stuff and mine, we were on our way. Hubby's going back to M.I. to finish the project though, but we won't be coming with him anymore since he'll be returning in a few months anyway. He's been having a series of medical lab tests to determine the seriousness of his chest pains. We're crossing our fingers and toes.
It's SeptemBER! And Christmas is just around the corner. Being back home has got me even more excited for the holidays. We have a lot to look forward to. Raine turns two soon, my father-in-law will be celebrating his 60th birthday and my brother is getting married! Plus, Raine will be a flowergirl for the first time!
I love Christmas. The decorations, the happy carols and mushy songs, the cool night air. My first Christmas as a married couple was also our first with a little baby. Raine was barely two months old during her first yuletide and so that was prety uneventful since she slept through most of it. Last year, we were in Marshall Islands and had an intimate party for three. This year will be very different since my brother's wedding is a few day after Christmas, some dear relatives are flying in for the big day and we're all looking forward to the upcoming reunions and parties. Also, it will be Raine's first Christmas knowing about Santa. We didn't bother with the Santa bit the year she was born since she was too little. Last year we were in a pretty remote island so this time we plan to be more Christmas-y for the little girl.
The photo above was taken at my parents' house where Raine celebrated her first Christmas. Exciting times ahead, yipee!

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Jenny said...

Welcome back Rhee! Hope your hubby is ok. :)