Monday, February 2, 2009

Three Blessings on the Way

Come Christmas our family on both sides, mine and hubby's will have 2 more new members each! A couple of weeks ago my brother, just barely a month after his wedding late last year, broke the great news that he and his wife are expecting. A true-blue honeymoon baby! I had earlier announced that I was pregnant as well. We're all very excited for the addition of two new babies to the family and look forward to a very eventful Christmas.

It turns out the baby news does not stop there. My sister-in-law on my hubby's side is preggers too with baby number 2. The stork has been very busy indeed making his rounds between our families! Three times the blessing, three times the charm! The Year of the Ox is turning out more than okay in our book.

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Nancy said...

great news! congrats to your family...and to you preggies...stay safe!