Friday, February 15, 2008

It's the thought that counts (really)

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Being far away from the Philippines on days like these makes me miss all things familiar so much more. After the Christmas decorations are taken down, V-Day is considered the next “big” holiday in Manila. Concerts on every stage, prices of flowers double or even triple in cost, malls adorned with hearts and bows.

I will shamelessly admit that I’m a romantic. Thank goodness so is my husband. Hehe. Usually on this day he sends pink roses to my office and we go out to dinner. Our first Valentine’s as a married couple he surprised me with a dinner-concert at the Westin Philippine Plaza (now Sofitel). It was really nice as it was right by the bay. The hotel is special to us since this is where we held our wedding reception. Little did I know that at that time I was already pregnant with our daughter Raine.

Last year, we simply spent Valentine’s at home. Our baby girl was just a little over 3 months old and we didn’t want to leave her behind. This year we are in Marshall Islands where there are no concerts, no flowers for sale even. But hubby still found a way to commemorate the day by giving me a lollipop bouquet. He even got Raine a little stuffed toy. Later that night, we had dinner at the MI hotel with some friends.
No matter how or where you spend Valentine’s Day, what’s really important is that you get to spend the day with the one that makes your heart beat just a little bit faster.


Mec said...

ako nga, my tulips came pretty late because hubs had to work till really late... but it's the love that counts no?

Beibi said...

hello rhea,

got your link in N@w will link you up, pa-add na rin, thanks.