Saturday, April 5, 2008

Adventure is our tradition

On Maundy Thursday my Dad sent me a message thru Skype, “For the first time in 34 years, your Mom and I are home alone this holy week…”.

I was in Marshall Islands, Arlette was in Baguio with her in-laws, Sonny was in Tagaytay with his fiancé and her family and our youngest, Anthony was in the U.S. preparing for the Medical Board Exams over there. My parents were feeling the emptiness of their once-full nest.

Holy Week was usually spent together as a whole family. We would go out of town from Maundy Thursday to Black Saturday, somewhere not too fancy or far away. Subic, Batangas, Tagaytay, Cavite. My mom always made sure that although we’d be on vacation we would still take some time to observe that town’s Lenten activities. We would visit churches in the area and sometimes even join the procession and prayers. Last year we all went to Island Cove in Kawit, Cavite. It was an extra special time because both “apos” were present. Annika was almost 2 then and Raine was just 5 months old.

Holidays for me are all about spending time with family and friends, whether at home or out somewhere special. It’s the time to relax, have fun and be with the people you love.

This past Holy Week was certainly a lot quieter and simpler this year for my parents and for my little family as well. We just stayed home for the most part but we did get to attend the Easter Vigil Mass and was pleasantly surprised that it was conducted much like the way it is back home. At least that is one tradition we were able to observe and keep.

On Easter Sunday we attended a lunch party by the beach. The cool, ocean breeze and the company of neighbors, colleagues and new acquaintances was a welcome break from being cooped up in the apartment. Although we are far away from the homes we grew up in, we are grateful for the friends we have here who help make our days all the more enjoyable.

Being somewhat newly-married (2 years, 4 months and counting!), hubby and I have yet to really start traditions of our own. But every year is an adventure in itself and it's exciting making our own traditions as we go along.


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