Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Brother's Wedding

My brother Sonny got married 2 days after Christmas, it was the third wedding in the family; following my younger sister's in 2003 and mine in 2005. Sonny's wedding reminded me of my own since it was held around the same time, the holidays. It can be doubly chaotic having a wedding during the Christmas season, what with the flurry of activities going on, but for me it's the best time to hold such an important event. It adds just a little bit more romance and nostalgia to the big day. Relatives who wouldn't normally be able to come at other times of the year, make an extra effort to attend because they get to do more and see more with one trip.

It was a day of firsts for the family. My dad, who you'd think would be more relaxed by now after giving away two daughters, said it was definitely different since we were on the groom's side this time. I was the commentator for the holy mass. In the past I would only get to do readings or the responsorial psalm. As commentator I had to closely follow the priest through the missalette which proved to be a fete at certain portions of the mass because he changed some of the wordings so I got lost for a few seconds. Raine was flower girl too. We had practiced walking along the hall at home but come showtime, she got cold feet and only walked a little of the way. Dad had to come to her rescue and escorted her the rest of the way.

My dad's speech was well-applauded and got a some smiles and laughs from the guests. I helped him edit it and added a couple of things to spruce it up so I felt good about that too. Hehe! But for me the highlight of the wedding was Sonny and Anna's first dance as husband and wife. We really got the surprise of our lives. The newly weds didn't just do a simple waltz, they did a choreographed dance with turns and dips. My sister and I were laughing and clapping the whole time because we had never ever seen Sonny dance like that before. He looked a bit shy and it was clear that Anna was the one who was more confident but Sonny just trained his eyes on his bride the whole time as if getting inspiration from her. That was definitely a memorable moment.
Instead of the usual bouquet and garter toss, there were games for married couples and a Jeopardy-type game with tequila shots for the singles. The night ended with dancing and revelry as party hats and horns were passed around to ring in the new year.

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