Friday, June 27, 2008

Boys & their Toys

It’s often said that men never really grow up, their toys just become ever more expensive. From playing with toy soldiers and miniature cars as little boys, they switch to more advanced video games, extreme sports and the latest electronic gadgets.

I remember two of our top executives at the office all agog over their sound systems and speakers. They were both audiophiles and were always on the lookout to upgrade their systems, both in their homes and even in their offices. I always knew what was the latest Nokia cellphone in the market just by checking out my officemate’s new mobile device. He switched phones every few months to be the first with the hottest new model. A friend’s hubby bought himself a high-tech remote control racecar he couldn’t really afford. My own brothers are into iPhones, Mac laptops and PDAs. My brother-in-law is fanatic about Japanese anime cartoons.

Hubby has two hobbies he’s absolutely passionate about: golf and photography. A civil engineer by profession, he picked up the golfing bug when he worked in a U.S. Navy Support Facility on the island of Diego Garcia. He and his friends could play Tiger Woods' sport there practially for free. The very late sunset on the island allowed him to be able to play everyday after work. Of course when we got married and settled in Manila he could only play at the driving ranges. Once in awhile he would get invited to play on the fairway with a friend who’s a member at some country club. When he got a job at CII he was so happy to find out that his new company actually held golf tournaments and sometimes he was even able to play at one of the company-owned golf courses. He was in heaven. Whenever we visit his hometown of Victorias City in Negros Occidental he always makes it a point to play golf with his dad at the nearby course. He sometimes jokes that if he ever gets burned out from his day job he might just be a professional golfer. Unfortunately, there are no golf courses here in the Marshall Islands so this sport has taken a backseat for now.

His new preoccupation is photography. A couple of his office buddies had SLR cameras which got him interested in purchasing one. Thanks to the internet, he was able to find a really good bargain on a Canon 400D. Its selling price on the net was nearly half of the mall price. Ever since, he’s been taking pictures of everything. Almost every weekend we go to the beach and he takes photos of his favorite models; Raine and me!

I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive about the hobbies he'd picked up as an adult since they don't come cheap. But my enterprising hubby always seems to find a way to enjoy his interests without spending a lot. (Thank goodness!)

Here he is in his element on the fairways of Diego Garcia.

This shot was taken back in Marshall Islands right before sunset.

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