Friday, August 29, 2008

Bedroom Talk

My favorite room in the house is the bedroom. It’s where you can rest, relax, let your hair down and just be yourself. My old room at my parents’ house was my sanctuary and my oasis. All the bedroom furniture except for my study table were chosen by my mom when I was little so I didn’t have much say about them. I didn’t particularly like the red curtains or the red carpet but I liked how these complimented the big white bed which had an attached headboard and night table drawers. I spent many times in my room studying, curled up with a good book or just listening to music.

I’ve never been a fan of heavy, ornate furniture. They look too dated to me. I’ve always dreamed of having a very modern bedroom, a solid wooden bed with drawers underneath to keep linens in, night stands with drawers to hold books and important items nearby, a soft headboard to contrast all the wood furniture, a walk-in closet and a dresser with a sizable mirror to complete the look.

We live in a cozy condo unit and the master’s room is dominated by the bed and two cabinets, and a little shelf that holds a few of Raine’s toys. Naturally, there's not much space for anything else. It’s a typical contemporary bedroom, no frills, no fuss, but still my most favorite room in our home. I’ve been browsing through various furniture websites and have taken a liking to Italian-made furniture. They are not only sleek and stylish but also functional. I love their clean lines and Zen-feel. Some day when we have our own house, I plan to make my dream Italian bedroom into a reality.

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