Monday, August 25, 2008

Time to Diet

A few entries back, I said that I have never had a weight problem. In fact, I had difficulty gaining weight and have been thin most of my life. Well, ever since I became a stay-at-home-mom, I think I've gained a little more weight than I like. I'm not overweight or anything, in fact people tell me I look better now with a little more skin on my bones. But what I don't like about putting on some pounds is that, in my case, they all seem to go to one direction, the belly. Argh!

I've been helping hubby control his weight by making sure he only has 1 cup of rice per meal but now I've decided to abstain from rice myself. This may seem drastic, I don't really need to lose weight and don't have to buy phentermine diet pills or anything like that. But I think it's about time I become more conscious of my food intake. Especially now that I'm nearing my, ahem mid-30s. Losing weight after all gets harder as we get older. I think it's just right that we do damage control as early as possible.

I miss rice, and it's only been 2 days. Haha! Of course, losing the unwanted belly won't happen just by skipping rice. I plan to do exercise too. I've been postponing doing it on a daily basis. I always seem to have an excuse. But there's just no getting around it anymore. Even those who take diet pills know that exercise and the right diet are the surest way to reach their goal.

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