Monday, July 21, 2008

The Ahh in Spa

Hubby and I love to get massages. When we recently went to Manila for a vacation we made sure to get professional massages. We got a massage at a spa recommended by a friend and then home service referred by my sister.

At night, I usually give hubby a foot massage with lots of “help” from Raine. She likes to knead her Daddy’s feet for a few seconds and then proceeds to his back for her version of the Shiatsu. But after many nights of watching her Dad fall asleep while we massage him, now the little masseuse-wannabe wants to get some pampering for herself too.

It all started a couple of months ago when she had a bad coughing spell. During that time I would rub her chest, her back and the soles of her feet with vapor rub. It always calmed her down and usually got her drifting off to dreamland faster than usual.

Her cough is long gone now but she still likes to get her massages, even during her afternoon naps! I usually rub just a little vapor rub onto her skin but after this she says, “Back, back please”. And promptly turns around. She loves back massages and after the vapor rub she turns to me and points to her baby lotion, “Shon, shon”.

Now, between me and hubby, he’s the better massager. I always tease him that it seems like he went to reflexology school. No matter how much I try to copy the movement of his hands and fingers I can never get it right. I guess some hands aren’t masseuse material. Haha! Oh well, as long as my family loves my massages, that’s all that really matters.

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