Saturday, July 26, 2008

Facebook Newbie

Are you on Facebook? I was invited by my best friend Hazel to join a couple of months ago but I dilly-dallied until last week to complete my profile. And now, I must say I’m quite hooked. For those not familiar with Facebook, it’s very much like Friendster. It’s a social networking site where you put in your basic info much like a slambook. You search the site for people you know and add them to your friends list. You don’t have to worry that some stranger will be able to access your personal info because before a friend can be added to your list, you’re sent an email to verify if you indeed know the person who’s inviting you, the same goes when you invite someone.

The great thing about it is that when someone sends you a message, you can easily see it on your profile page. Called “The Wall”, it’s where your friends can post short notes or messages to you. Here they can also send you videos and even “gifts”. You can add different applications that will allow you to send a variety of gifts such as Starbucks drinks, stuffed toys, Easter Eggs, pastries, alcoholic beverage, even luxury bags, shoes and watches. Of course these are only pretend or virtual gifts that you can freely giveaway. You don’t actually receive the gifts. There are also applications related to charitable institutions such as feeding the hungry, cancer awareness, saving the environment, etc. There is even an application that gives you super powers. While another lets you play virtual poker with your friends. I’m pretty sure there are a lot more applications I have not discovered yet.

A feature I also like is that unlike in Friendster where you are notified who viewed your profile or took a look at your albums, in Facebook, it’s kept private. Hehe! So you can spy on your ex’s profile, take a look at his pictures without him knowing about it. Sneaky, sneaky! Of course, he has to have you on his friends list for you to be able to access his deets.

At first, I found all the applications too overwhelming. Some of my friends would invite me to add all these things to my own account and most of the time I’d feel obliged to accept, especially since we’re abroad and don’t get to see them much. Although now I’ve learned to decline some of the invites I find too strange, like being a vampire. I prefer searching for old friends and I have to admit I’ve been pretty successful at it. I’ve even found a number of classmates from grade school and my prom date! It’s nice to be able to see how everyone turned out and catch up on old times.

At this day and age when relationships come and go, it's great to have the chance to reminisce about the good old days and keep in touch with friends who are half way across the globe. Sites such as Friendster and Facebook, just makes it so much more cool and fun!

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Gorgeous Traveller said...

Hi Rhea!

I have my one as well, but I still prefer friendster (hehe).. Facebook is too complicated and getting too commercialised (in my opinion). Like, in real life, one won't really "poke" someone. I guess I'm just taking it too literal...Oh well, these things are not really naman for everyone. But the good thing is, we have a choice!

Hope you're having a great weekend!