Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blast from the Past

A few posts ago, I talked about being a Facebook newbie. Since then I've added dozens of friends to my list. At first it was just people I currently know, like my siblings, cousins, former officemates, and classmates from high school and college. But lately, I've also discovered old friends from way, way back, as in people I had known before I was even 10 years old! You see, I went to one school all throughout elementary and then transferred for high school after grade 7.

It was so much fun looking up my former classmates because the last time I saw most of them was when we were all about 12 and 13 years old. Based on their profile pictures and photo albums you could easily tell who gained weight, who looks practically the same, who changed drastically. There's the frivolous girl who's now a responsible mother of three, the one who I caught cheating off my test paper now married with twins, the tough bully who's become a surgeon, the thin and awkward seat mate who's become a top fashion model, a couple of happy-go-lucky guys still enjoying their bachelor days. The quiet nerd-turned-photographer. The list goes on.

I remember them all, some vaguely, some quite well. I remember playing jackstones, patintero and cops and robbers with them during recess and lunch. I remember my first barkada and the name we gave our little group. It's amazing to see how everyone has turned out.

I was a bit apprehensive to invite some of them, especially those that I wasn't really very close to since I figured they might not remember me from so many years ago, but it warmed my heart to get notes from some of them reminiscing about our childhood.

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