Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Small Bang Theory

Raine’s hair has been taking its sweet time in growing. I thought by this time I would already be tying her hair in pigtails with colorful clips and barrettes. However, she’s now 20 months old and has never had a haircut except for a bangs trim last May. Her bangs have grown longer since then, thankfully, and were already touching her eyes so I thought of cutting them myself.

Early this week while she took her afternoon nap I decided to give her a cut. It was trickier than I thought. Hair after all, unlike paper, doesn’t stay still when you move the scissors across it. Needless to say, I kind of botched it up. I ended up cutting too much and now Raine’s bangs are halfway up her forehead, making her look like a little Bruce Lee. Haha! My cousin-in-law said she looks like a cute Korean babydoll. Hubby tried to remedy it by making her bangs look feathery and not too straight across. Well, to us she’s still as adorable as ever. What do you think?

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