Thursday, July 24, 2008

Credit cards: boon or bane?

The first time I had my own credit card was right after college. It was a pre-approved card but nonetheless made me feel really grown-up. There’s just something about making a purchase without the exchange of cold cash right then and there. I have to admit being a young urban professional then I used my card a lot. To me it felt like, a “buy now, pay later” scheme. At the back of my mind I knew I would settle my credit card bill come payday. Reminiscing on my past spending habits now just makes me shake my head in absolute bewilderment at my spendthrift ways. Youth is indeed wasted on the young. I sure am glad that I didn’t end up being a slave to my credit card. I know of someone who half-jokingly used to say she actually works to pay off her credit card debt.

Some people fall prey to the many attractive sales promotions and spend money they don’t even have. Before they know it, they have maxed out their credit card and are up to their necks in debt. How can one easily get out of such a daunting dilemma? Paying just the minimum amount due every month is certainly not the way to go. Fortunately, help is readily available through online payday loans. However, it should be stressed that loans such as this should be for emergency purposes only since they usually have higher interest rates. Although loans such as these usually have higher interest rates, I believe that’s the price you pay for speedy and worry free service.

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