Monday, July 28, 2008

Dreaming of a Cruise Holiday

As a little girl one of my favorite TV shows was the “Love Boat”. I found it so amazing to go on a holiday aboard a luxury cruise liner. It seemed to be the height of sophistication and romance. It also seemed pretty expensive. Fortunately today, there are a number of cruise lines available to cater to the different tastes of discerning vacationers. Gone are the days when only the ultra-rich could afford such a trip.

Cruise holidays are the ultimate haven for the traveler who wants to get away from it all and visit one picturesque destination after another without ever leaving the comforts of his hotel room, which in cruise-speak is more commonly known as a cabin. This is not to say that cruise ships are merely moving hotels. The best ocean liners boast of well-appointed cabins and luxurious modern facilities. Elegant dining rooms that serve international cuisine enough to whet your appetite, an entertainment theater for musical shows, shops for the shopaholic, a well-stocked library for the bookworm, even special fun activities for the littlest member of the family. A gym and swimming pools are also de rigueur on cruise ships for the health buff. There are so many available attractions on deck that one might even be torn between sampling all of them or disembarking to go sightseeing.

I have been to parts of the U.S., Hongkong, Rome and Australia and currently reside in Marshall Islands but there is still much of the world I would like to visit and would very much like to go on a cruise on my next travel abroad. I have my eye on cruises to the Mediterranean, Europe and the Greek Islands. A trip to Alaska would also be wonderful. Other popular destinations are the Caribbean, Baltic Fjords, Scandinavia, the Far East, South America and the Indian Ocean. Each location has a charm and ambiance distinctly its own.

To travel the world is indeed an exciting privilege, but now it is also within more people’s reach.

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